Balbriggan Community College is a co-educational, multi-denominational school serving the Community of Balbriggan and the surrounding area.  It is under the administration of the Dublin and Dun Laoghaire Education and Training Board (DDLETB) and local Board of Management.

Our Mission is to:

To develop fully the moral, intellectual and physical potential of each student in an atmosphere of mutual respect, in a safe and supportive environment, so as to facilitate the development of confident, competent individuals prepared for the demands of and ready to contribute to society.

We have an excellent staff of highly qualified and experienced teachers who provide tuition in over twenty subjects, preparing students for the world of work and entry into Third Level or College.



School Structure 2019/2020

Principal:                       Mr. Emmet Sheridan

Deputy Principal:        Mr. Fergal McMahon


Assistant Principals:

Mr. D Conroy                       Year Head 1st Year

Ms. C Grant                          Year Head 2nd Year

Ms. Lucey                            Year Head 3rd Year

Mr. K Curran                       Year Head 5th & 6th Year


Mrs. Mannion                     Enrolment Co-ordinator/Guidance Counsellor

Ms. Buckley                         Programme Co-ordinator


Special Duties Teachers: 

Ms. Moore                                  Admission

Mr. Mooney                              Home School Community Liaison

Ms. Condra                                School Completion Programme

Ms. Buckley

Ms. M O’Brien / Mr. J Boylan     


CLASS TEACHERS 2019/2020     

Ms. K Morgan                         Ms. E Conlan

Mr. K Curran                          Mr. K Carr

Mr. D Richardson                 Ms. A McCann

Mr. T O’Donoghue                Ms. L McDonald

Ms. B Healy                            Ms. L Lacey

Mr. K Morrison                     Ms. A Farrelly

Ms. E McGrath                      Mr. D Conroy

Mr. J Boylan                           Mr. E Costello                       

Ms.  S Walshe                         Ms. L Maldonado

Ms. M Magnier                      Ms. S Murray

Mr. C Smith                            Mr. W O’Connor

Ms. M McDonnell                 Mr. P Lillis

Ms. S Soady                            Ms. S Hoey 

Ms. C Grant                            Ms. J Purcell

Mr. K McNeaney                   Ms. H McNulty

Mr. T Poynton                        Ms. A Bolger

Ms. C Boylan                            Ms. D Toner

Ms. B Levins                            Ms. MJ Buckley 




Ms. E Durkan

Ms. R Perrera

Ms. O Bowers

Mr. B Marry


The first point of contact for parent is

1) Class Teacher

2)  Year Head

3) Deputy Principal

4) Principal


School Secretary Ms. Cait Shirran