Oliver Dunne made a guest chef appearance to the Junior Cycle Home Economics students. Oliver wowed students with his enthusiasm and passion for cooking. He served up Thai Prawn Noodle soup which was a delight for all senses. The aromatic aromas from the blended lemongrass, ginger and other herbs and spices filled the air which left the students eager to taste. They were not left disappointed. This dish provided transferable skills that will enable students to make other Thai dishes from the basic Thai paste recipe and method.

Oliver also prepared and cooked a lasagne but took a twist on an the traditional lasagne by using sausage meat as the main ingredient. Both dishes went down a treat by all, with both students and teacher’s fighting to get a second bite.

Oliver appealed and captivated all students with his clear explanations and energy. He described how he got involved in the culinary industry which was of great interest and motivation to the students. He also gave cleaver tips and tricks.

Oliver left students with a key piece of advice which can be applied not only in the kitchen but in everyday life. This was always to ask questions. He added that chefs that come into his kitchen and ask questions progress further and faster.

Balbriggan C.C Masterchef in association with Dundalk IT

This was an internally run cookery competition organised by the Home Economics department. Students were asked to create a three a course meal that they could make from a variety of Irish produced foods. Students submitted their menus which were sent to Dundalk IT. The head of Dept in Hospitality & Tourism at Dundalk IT selected what she believed were the 10 best menus. These students were then invited to Dundalk IT and were asked to choose two dishes from their menu that they would cook and present to the judges. Students had an hour and half to complete this task.

This was an exciting day for everyone involved. We were openly hearted welcomed to Dundalk IT and students got to experience the reality of cooking in a real life catering kitchen.

Each budding Chef cooked their hearts out and displayed a fantastic array of skills both in culinary and in presentation.

Unfortunately on the day there was only one winner- Nathan Rodgers. He beautiful presented a  mixed vegetables soup, soda bread with hand crafted butter in the shape of flowers along with Irish Stew with baby potatoes as his main course option. He was closely followed by first year Aimee Smith. The judge later remarked that he was blown away by Aimee’s skills and abilities especially since this was her first year studying Home Economics.