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Head Boy Welcome

Head Girl Welcome

My name is Faye Donohoe and it gives me great pleasure to say that I have been chosen for a head girl 2020/21 in Balbriggan Community College. I would firstly like to wish our members of BCC a successful year ahead. 

I am so excited to have been chosen and take on all the roles and responsibilities that come with this job. I’m looking forward to working with my best friend, Head boy Niall Delaney, who will no doubt be amazing.  

My main message would be that any student can come to me for help or support this year especially during these unpredictable circumstances. It has been a crazy year so far but I’m thankful we are back in school and can make the most of it by being with our friends and learning. 

Balbriggan Community College is a big community of welcoming and caring people, who strive for diversity and inclusion of everybody. This is why I am so proud to represent the student body.  

I would urge all students to take every opportunity as they come and try their best to reach their highest potential.  

Faye Donohoe